I See Destruction and Demise

Hey, is it you that makes me hollow?


And its haunting me, but I feel fine
War of worlds in real time
Better off signing a truce that’s drawn up in your name
But I hope you go home and admit you
Were wrong for the stress you put me through
Free me from the anchor
Depart these seas and let me do what I have to do

Am I so wrong to think that you are too?

Is it safe to be a pawn
When all the rooks close in on you
I used to be afraid of time before I grew
The sands will slip and the pain will grip
And the guilt will trip all over you

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Better Off


I guess I’m just down again. 
I guess I got lost again. 
I’ve been wandering for hours just trying to find a place to hide. 
My mind is set, I can’t go on till I forget. 
I’m following the footsteps I’ve paved for myself till the end. 
I’m just better off on my own. 

I’m running off to kill my time.

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